Sudden Strike is de zoveelste RTS titel dit jaar, alleen een verschil met alle anderen is dat het plaats vindt in WOII. Dus geen space tanks of andere high-tech wapens, old skool combat IGNPC: What are the main features of the game in your opinion?

Martin Loehlein: To name but a few, I'd say the huge number of units and the fact that play is finely detailed. The on-screen objects such as bridges, houses, fortifications, trees and so on are individually destructible. If you blow them up, or the terrain, it will all stay permanently damaged. We also have a

special multiplayer mode with up to 12 players and four teams, which is looking really good at the moment.

IGNPC: How do you think it will fare against the likes of C&C and other popular RTS titles?

Martin Loehlein: Sudden Strike is the missing link between war games and real time strategy games. Moreover, there never has been a war game that was so easy to get in to play.

IGNPC: What other titles can we expect from CDV in the future? Do you specialize in RTS?

Martin Loehlein: We don't just specialize in RTS, although the next game be released after Sudden Strike will be an RTS game. This is Cossacks - European Wars. Further ahead we plan the release of an adventure game in December this year, called Mysteries of the Druids

(working title), which we are billing as a point and click adventure.

Het lijkt zowel op Commandos. Ze moeten eens de golfoorlog als scenario voor een RTS gebruiken.

Maar dit spel zal wel weer aanslaan bij alle veteranen