It's all about the money. Na Gunman gaat ook Strike Force commercieel. Geen gratis Strike Force meer .

De Mod is zeer belovend vonden enkele uitgevers dat Strike Force maar commercieel moest gaan. Erg jammer maar als het net zo belovend wordt als Gunman kan ik er wel mee leven.

I wanted to inform the gaming community of our plans here at Xtreme Gaming and our future game projects. As you know, Strike Force:Unreal Tournament went into development over 11 months ago. Over the past 11 months we have drawn attention to Strike Force from all over the world. Our talented team has worked long and hard for the community and ourselves.

Recently we made an announcement that we were not going to be working on Strike Force:Unreal Tournament any longer. The team is going to continue working on Strike Force, however we will be working on a commercial version of the game. Strike Force has drawn attention from several publishers that have great track records with some awesome games. We are going into the final details of the commercial deal this week. Once everything is final we will open our brand new site where you can follow the development of the new commercial Strike Force.

At this time we are still seeking out private investors that want to contribute to Xtreme Gaming, Strike Force and our continued work in the gaming industry. Our entire team has been working with no support or funding and now we need anyone that is willing to step in and help us out. If you would like more information about investing in Xtreme Gaming please contact me at

Michael Hamlett, CEO

Xtreme Gaming

Kan je over 40 jaar tegen je kleinkinderen vertellen: " toen waren Mods nog gratis "