Stomped heeft een dedicated site opgericht vanwaar ze ons op de hoogte gaan houden over de gebeurtenissen op de Electronic Entertainment Expo. Voor degene die voor het eerst van het bestaan van van deze game beurs horen heb ik de mini-faq van Stomped@E3 bijgevoegd :We're including a quick FAQ here for those very common questions that readers have. For more in-depth coverage of what E3 is and what you need to know about it, please see the About section. 1. What is E3? - The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the single largest trade show in the world devoted exclusively to video and computer gaming, interactive entertainment, educational software, and related products. 2. Where and When is it? - It is in Los Angeles, California from May 11 to May 13. 3. Can I go to E3 - E3 is a trade show event, meaning that in order to attend you must prove you have some professional connection to the industry. However, if you are a gamer looking to go, check our tip in the About section. 4. How Much Does it Cost? - Not counting travel and lodging (which can vary widely) you can expect to pay $150 to $450 depending upon the access package you want and how soon you register.