Een spel waar ik naar uitkijk is Starship Troopers. De film zorgde er voor dat ik "pumped up" de bioscoop uitkwam. Zou ik het zelfde gevoel krijgen bij het spel?

Zelf spelen is het enige antwoord, Gamespy was ons voor en speelde het spel en maakte er een review van.

Time to to squish some bugs


Starship Troopers has an easy graphics setup utility before you run the game, and supports 640x480 up to 1024x768, 16 to 32-bit color. The engine is proprietary, though it resembles the one from Ground Control. The modeling and skinning is top-notch stuff. Troopers are identifiable by their equipment, faces can be seen, and in cold weather they will even blow out puffs of vapor.

By looking at troopers' pictures, you get information on their accuracy, speed, and other vital stats. As the campaign is played out, the troopers gain experience and become better if they survive, much like XCOM. There are also slots for special troopers, which become available over the course of the game. The medic can heal wounded troopers, the combat engineer can repair damaged power armor and deploy mines, and the MISt

troopers are snipers.

If you are a hardcore gamer that doesn't mind a game you won't be able to take online, but will still provide an awesome experience, yes. The game is rich, detailed and fun to play. The only large complaint I find with the game is the lack of multiplayer, which will keep Starship Troopers out of the top slot.

pros: Very good plot and missions, voice acting, premise, and delivery.

cons: No Multiplayer.

pros: Great graphics and sound effects.

cons: Video bug crashes game; few unit problems.

Great game that has very few flaws, but will be kept out of the top slots because of lack of multiplayer.

Dat klinkt zeer goed en aangezien het spel lekker geprijst is heb ik er wel een goed gevoel over