Misschien volgende week een demo. Dan kunnen we allemaal zelf oordelen of de game het lange wachten waard was. Actiontrip liet het niet zover komen en schreef een preview.After four years of coding and programming Robert Heinlein's 1959 SF classic Starship Troopers will finally be released as a computer game. Initially, the game was supposed to be a 3D shooter that was intended as an iteration of the Paul Verhoeven's movie. With

the fast technology leap, the game, as it was then, became obsolete and couldn't compete with the games already on the market. Many years later, Hasbro Interactive hooked up with an Australian developer team called Blue Tongue, and as a result, we'll soon be able to take a shot at playing the role of Starship Troopers' commander.

The graphics are developed with the support for specific 3D effects, such as T&L of the nVidia GeForce graphic cards. There will be a lot of special lighting and terrain deformation. The lighting and shadowing of the terrain is going to look best during night missions when the flashlights on troopers' helmets are turned on to illuminate the in-game surrounding. The real time terrain deformation will be visible after Nuke Bombs' or some similar weapon's explosion. The bug and troop appearance is very much influenced by the

movie, and for the time being, their design and general outlook is very sharp and clean. The animations are real time rendered, rendering the gameplay seamless. Ik heb genoten van de film, nu alleen de game nog.