24 Hour Gamer heeft een preview geplaatst van Microsoft's nieuwste space action sim Starlancer. Hier een stukje uit de preview: StarLancer is looking good already, even in beta. Browsing through the previews and features list, all I can say is "Wow!". I know that with all those juicy features that pretty much no one can resist StarLancer. Multiplayer, mission results that carry over, a universe that has more than just the good guys and bad guys in every scenario, a believable storyline, incredible graphics, space that follows the rules of physics, oh my! It seems to me that every feature gamers have been looking for in previous space sims will be in StarLancer. I already wish this game was in my hands, or, even better, in my CD-ROM drive, and I'm not even much of an action gamer! Starlancer wordt dus uitgegeven door Microsoft en wordt gemaakt door Digital Anvil. DA is het bedrijf van Chris Roberts die verantwoordelijk was voor de Wing Commander spellen