Over een tijdje zal developer Verant een massale online RPG gebaseerd rondom het Star Wars universum. De game zal met de naam Star Wars Galaxies door het leven gaan. Rich Vogel, de Executive Producer van Star Wars Galaxies, heeft een update in zijn .plan gezet die gaat over wat anders dan SWG.SWG will appeal to both the casual gamer and the hard core gamer as well as those with less time on their hands. It will open up new ways of playing massively multiplayer games outside of just combat and crafting and we intend to raise the bar on dynamic online environments. Like many of you, I share a deep love and respect for the Star Wars universe. I'm very glad that we have the full support of LucasArts and especially the keen insight of Haden Blackman to make certain that we adhere to that vision. I'm also very proud of the team we've been assembling to take on this project. All of them are highly experienced professionals with passion for making not only a great MMO, but also one that satisfies their own love of the fiction. It is a huge honor to work with such talent.Voor het hele verhaal zul je deze site moeten bezoeken.