[Doss]4tt4ck schrijft: "Star Trek New Worlds van Interplay is de eerste realtime strategietitel dat zich op de grond afspeelt in het Star Trek universum. Om de titel te promoten zet Interplay gedurende negen weken zes episodes van de webisode Star Trek: Prelude to War online. Een soort van Star Trek soap-serie dus. ": Over the course of the next nine weeks, you will journey to the distant planets of the Tabula Rasa; an area of previously empty space now filled with new worlds. Each week, witness the trial and tribulations of valiant Federation colonists, brave Klingons warriors and suspicious Romulan scientists. Some of these adventures will even switch sides, showing events from another race perspective, so be ready for this weeks heroes to suddenly become next weeks villains! The first three episodes will take you behind the scenes of the games back story, showing the events that lead to the discovery of the Tabula Rasa. After that, journey to the Tabula Rasa itself and witness worlds and adventures exclusive to this website. Each episode is split into two parts, playing at the start and the end of each week, so make sure you tune in later to find out what happens next. So now sit back and enjoy part one of the first Federation episode, entitled 'The Line'... Lees de soap.