Op VooDooExtreme wisten te melden dat Activision en Verant samen een online Star Trek spel aan het maken zijn met de titel: Star Trek: Conquest Online. Hier is een stukje uit het nieuwsbericht:

After hinting at it three months ago, Activision has announced that it will team with Verant Interactive (creators of the wildly successful EverQuest) and Sony Online to create a massively multiplayer, persistent game based in the Star Trek universe. The company, during a conference call with financial analysts yesterday, said the game will be part of a larger expansion into the online world. Activision says it expects between 400,000 and 500,000 subscribers to the game, which would make it the largest online game to date. More amazingly, it expects to hit these numbers in its first four months.

Though it's not expected to launch for another two years, the game looks to be enormous. Activision and Sony will split the expected $4 million in production costs. The company says it will charge users a $9.95 monthly fee at launch. It further appears, that Q Continuum, the online Star Trek game mentioned three months ago has undergone a name change to Star Trek: Conquest Online. Developed in conjunction with Genetic Anomalies, the game will utilize player cards, similar to Magic: The Gathering. Voor het hele verhaal moet je hier zijn,voor meer info over de kaarten,klik hier

De Trekkies krijgen het druk dit jaar