The Adrenaline Vault heeft contact opgenomen met de heren van Activision om ze eens aan de tand te voelen over de vooruitgang in de ontwikkeling van Armada. Tevens hebben ze 6 nieuwe screenies voor ons. Interessanste stukje:[bullet]Have any interesting modifications been implemented since feature freeze? Since feature freeze hit in mid-December, the team has not added any new features; however, existing features have been refined and given new life with recent code fixes and art changes. One feature that comes to mind is the “Borgification” of ships. When the Borg assimilate an enemy ship and assume control of it, the ship incorporates Borg textures. These were just finalized, and add to the Borg's aura of power when assaulting another ship with Borgified Klingon, Romulan and Federation ships. [bullet]Tell us how Armada is shaping up in terms of its gameplay. The game balance process has been coming along at an amazing pace. Multiplayer games and the balancing of the special weapons are consuming most of our free time. Armada has surprised us in couple of places, but, for the most part, is very close to what we set out to create. The exciting part is watching everyone develop new tactics for their favorite side and defend their favorite units as we jump headlong into the fiery debates of game balance. The true reward is yet to come for the RTS fans, who will soon experience the strategic mayhem that is Armada.