De mensen van Pc.ign hebben een paar nieuwe filmpjes van Star Trek: Elite Force, en daarbij hebben ze een gigantische preview/special. Pc.ign heeft om precies te zijn 5 nieuwe filmpjes van Elite Force. Can Raven do no wrong when it comes to shooters? First they manage to put a plot and some polished gameplay in what first looked like yet another shooter with the violence turned up to 11 (Soldier of Fortune), and now it looks like they've managed to make a great game out of the Star Trek license, and Voyager no less. We finally got our hands on a build of the game, and I've been playing it more feverishly than a sweaty Trekkie trying to figure out Spock's Tribble calculation formula. Which is to say that I'm enjoying it so much that I can feel my Trek-loving past beginning to peek out through the cracks in my hardened, bitter, "who's Natasha Yar" exterior.