Op de forums van C&C: Renegade is een post verschenen van Dan Cermak (producer) over C&C: Renegade multiplayer.

Naast de gewone multiplayermodes zit in C&C: Renegade ook een C&C mode. Als je C&C mode speelt krijg je de beschikking over een basis. Het doel is dan de basis van de tegenstanders te vernietigen. Om dit doel te bereiken kan je klassieke aanvallen gebruiken, blaas de powerplants op zodat de defence uitvalt of vernietig de Harvesters zodat er geen geld meer binnenkomt bij de tegenstanders. Good week last week, lots of polish, lots of multiplay. MP was a kick, in one LAN game we had 14 Nod vs. 14 GDI all trying to take each other's bases out. We loaded 3 guys in a Nod APC (can have up to 6: driver, gunner and 4 passengers) and charged the GDI base but the dang ATG took out the APC and we ended up standing alone in the middle of the GDI base, died fast and hard (fortunately you get rebuilt back in your own base as a grunt). Any non-APC vehicles (tanks, Humm-vee, Buggy, Artillery, etc.) can hold a driver and a gunner (driver does both if he is alone).

Pushing hard on team related stuff. Gotta work together to take out the enemy base (cuz of the base defenses and lots of enemies), can't win if everyone goes off by themselves. Once you get down in the tunnels under a base it can get pretty nasty. Every building currently has a camera controlled ceiling mounted machinegun protecting the master control terminal (weak point in a building). Gotta move fast to avoid getting popped.

Klinkt cool