Tja, in de tijd dat er elke week wel een redelijk tot goed spel uitkomt ga je je toch afvragen of je maar niet moet gaan stoppen met school of je baan. Wil je namelijk alle goede spellen uitspelen, afgezien of je via internet nog gaat multiplayeren, dan moet je bijna fulltime 24/7 aan de bak. Vandaar dat vele spellen dan ook half uitgespeeld op je pc blijven staan, waarna je na een tijdje op de uninstall-optie drukt en het spel in de kast verdwijnt. Mijn punt? The Adrenaline Vault heeft weereens een column online gezet dat je geest prikkelt en tevens erg leuk wegleest en.. (ja zo is het wel weer genoeg Hans! red.)As a longstanding game reviewer, I have been expected to play and finish more games than I can count. Having to make it through level after level of title after title can be a truly exhausting -- sometimes exhilarating, sometimes depressing -- experience. Occasionally I ask myself, is it worth it? Couldn't I just enjoy offerings, and even review them, without finishing every single level? With computer games becoming longer and more complex, often it seems to take ages to make it through to the end. I know lots of gamers who have dozens of unfinished releases on their hard drive at any one time, and sometimes I wonder if they will ever complete any of them. This column investigates the costs and benefits of sticking it out until the end, concluding with a set of ideas to promote how worthwhile it is for players to consider doing so. (...)

There is no humiliation in throwing in the sponge when, for a variety of reasons, you cannot make it through a game or lose interest in doing so. No gamer in the world could -- and would want to -- make it easily from beginning to end of every release on the market today; and I cannot imagine a long-time player who has never become frustrated and completely stuck, or never become bored and totally disinterested. Completing a title is neither a virility nor an intelligence test. Slogging all the way to the end takes considerable patience and skill even for those of us with vast virtual experience. Nonetheless, doing so is what makes the whole gameplay experience worth it. (...)Lees meer. Tevens wijs ik nog even op de briljante column van onze eigen Joran over dit onderwerp.