Is het een RPG of een adventure? Zoek het zelf uit met deze preview van Soulbringer:Soulbringer's plot has all the elements of a classic fantasy story. Thousands of years before, a sextet of demons (called the Revenants) ruled the world of men. As you can imagine, having a bunch of demons in charge is generally not a good thing; humans lived in fear and were persecuted by these supernatural beings. Only a great hero, the warlock named Harbinger, could stand up and then beat down these nasty demons. But as with all similar stories, he couldn't just kill them - they could only be imprisoned, so Harbinger cast them all into the "Well of Souls." Unfortunately that meant that the demons were still around. Fast forward a few thousand years - you are a young orphan in search of your uncle during a terrible winter. You'll begin an adventure to learn your fate and destiny as the new "soulbringer," the one true hero who can get rid of the Revenants once and for all.