Tresh's firingsquad heeft een preview gemaakt van Soldier of fortune, waarbij ze het hebben over de gameplay en de nieuwe grafx technologie. Ga snel een kijkje nemen. Epiloog :The last time we reported on Soldier of Fortune, we gave it our E3 Best Game of Show award. Raven's demonstration knocked our socks off - the build we saw featured crisp graphics, awesome weapons, cool animations, and most of all, a fantastic locational based damage system. Couple that with a fast paced single player game that borrows its plotlines straight out of the latest techno-thrillers (I'm a big Clancy fan by the way), and you've got a first person game that just stands out from the rest. It's worth noting that many of today's and tomorrow's games are based on their own awesome engines (Nocturne), the Unreal Engine (Wheel of Time, Duke Forever), or the Quake 3 engine (Alice, Heavy Metal FAKK2). Soldier of Fortune has been in development for a while now, so it uses a highly modified version of the venerable Quake 2 engine. Many of the Quake 2 licensed games have already come out, like SiN and Kingpin. With that in mind, Soldier of Fortune promises to be the last hurrah for Quake 2 engine games. What's that you say? Daik-a when-will-it-ever-come-out? OK maybe not quite the LAST hurrah, but close to the last.