Voor wie er maar niet genoeg van kan krijgen: alwéér een SoF preview, deze is afkomstig van Gamecenter:Soldier of Fortune is based on the Quake II engine; however, developer Raven Software has added new physics, new scripting language, and a completely redesigned AI. The new enemy AI is able to use advanced tactics to try to outsmart you, so be prepared for your computer opponents to set off alarms, lean around corners to shoot you, and go to the aid of downed comrades. Soldier of Fortune will also use a new modeling system, GHOUL, which allows for new lighting, more than 200 animations (both motion-captured and hand-animated) per character, and various destroyability options. The result is more bloody mahem than you have ever seen: shoot an enemy in the stomach, and his guts pop out; shoot him in the head, and he won't have a head anymore.