Goed nieuws voor Soldier of Fortune fans (including me), er komt een Team Fortress versie voor SoF. Dit is overigens al langer bekend, maar gamer.nl is het blijkbaar ontschoten. De officiele site is hier te vinden. Hieronder de beschrijving volgens de makers:This is SoF Fortress. You think this is the same old fortress? Think again. We got the classes you remember, but they're better than ever with new weapons and skills. A plethora of new and unique scenarios will keep you on the edge of your seat. Is there enough time? Was that a Spy that just walked by? Are the sentry guns working? Teamwork is more important, you're an integral part of the game, and if you fail to do your job, you just might fail your team. No more suicide flag runs, if you're going at it as a loner, you're surely going to lose. This is not the Team Fortress you remember. So lock and load, watch your back, and check your fire. You're going in. [break]Waar het hier nu echt om ging, was het interview dat te vinden is op ModNation:[/break] [bullet]Modnation: Can you tell us about some of these special abilities for some classes? SP: Well, the spy is fairly useless in most Fortress games. We're hoping to make it less easy to "spy check" to discover who the spy is. The spy will also be able to "hack" enemy information once inside an enemy base area. That's just one example. [bullet]Modnation: And what type of weapons? Modern, Futuristic, or will it stick to the mix seen in the TF games? SP: The weapons will be from TF. I guess that's a modern/futuristic mix. [bullet]Modnation: Will the sniper rule the game? SP>: Probably not, the sniper has less health and very little armor. He's really only a problem at long range, and if you don't know where he's at.Voor alle belangrijke informatie kijk op de about pagina van de officiele site.