Soldier of Fortune Center heeft deze week omgedoopt tot Soldier of Fortune mod week. Elke dag zullen ze de makers van een SoF mod gaan interviewen. Vandaag was de eerste dag, en nu was Hostile Intent aan de beurt. Deze mod bevat classes, zoals snipers, en moet het spel nog wat realistischer maken. Zo hebben ze om het realisme te verhogen ook de HUD weggehaald. Je moet dus maar hopen dat je nog niet gedood bent Why did you choose to make a mod for Soldier of Fortune as there is a bunch of other good games available as well?

Actually, the mod started with the HL engine, until I played UT. My comp sucks, and UT ran really well on it, and had some sweet visual possibilities. So I set myself to learn unrealscript, and coded the HUD and wall bullet penetration, among other things. Even started to implement new weapons, when I first tried a little game called SOF. I was so amazed by ghoul, and the possibilities that SOF would give, that we scrapped all our work(which was really bad for everyone, since the mappers had to learn a new map editor, and I had to learn a new language :P). Still, I think we made the right choice, as the SOF engine is working out well for us.