Voor degene die er geen genoeg van kunnen krijgen (zoals ik.....) is er hier weer een interview met Gill Grib, een programmeur van SoF.Q: For starters, can you tell us a bit about yourself? Some Raven-ite held a gun to your head and forced you to work for them right? A: I'm 31. I like fishing and camping. To Wisconsin rednecks such as myself, camping involves large quantities of beer, potato cannons and large fires which use "burniture" for fuel. How I got to Raven was a twist of fate. I was working on a PhD in computer science at the UW-Madison, but my advisor was a jerk so I quit. On my way out of the building I noticed a sign that Raven was hiring. I was a big fan of Hexen and Heretic, and I thought "that sounds like fun". Q: What's your role in SoF's development? A: I do a wide variety of work. I've done optimization for framerate, bandwidth and memory. But my primary contribution to SOF was the GHOUL system. Q: We've heard from some very Kream-y sources that the game is close to being finished. Any truth to this oh all-knowing one? A: If it was any closer to being done, it would be done. Q: Looking back through SoF's development cycle, what has been the hardest part? (Besides running out of Cheesy Poofs?) A: The biggest challenge was fitting all of those cool animations in a limited amount of memory (originally 32MB, later 48MB and now 64MB). For a couple months, I woke up almost every night to find myself running the numbers, and the conclusion was always the same, "it ain't gonna fit". Well, we did make it fit. Cheesy Poofs are probably my least favorite food, BTW.Ze moeten wel opschieten met die game anders kunnen jullie mij binnenkort echt in een gesticht gooien!