John Scott heeft wat meer info vrijgegeven over wat er precies op de Soldier of Fortune cd komt:As a game progresses, maps, models and features come and go. Some things just don't work, so we dump them. This is why we don't commit to anything until we've finished Here is a definitive list of what ships in the game. 51 player models. These are split into loners and 5 teams of 5 or 6. Deathmatch modes - Standard, Assassin, Arsenal, CTF and Realistic. Standard and Realistic have teamplay options, CTF has forced teams. There are 7 CTF maps which can also be played in regular modes and 13 regular dm maps.

SoF supports downloadable models, skins, maps and sounds. However, setting up your own custom skin isn't easy There are 27 huge single player maps, 3 armoury levels, a tutorial level and a cinematic level. All the dialog is done by professional actors, one of which is Oscar nominated for his part in the Green Mile. Also on the CD comes the Heretic2 demo, the Battlezone2 demo, the Vampire trailer, DirectX 7.0a, the monolithic install of GLSetup, WONSwap and all the usual help files (quickstart guide, manual, compatability guide). There is a Linux version in the works. There are no other platforms actively under development at this time, however, some are being considered.