Iedereen die zijn jeugd achter de Nintendo wil weer herleven heeft twee opties. 1 Naar zolder kruipen om achter de oude gordijnen en onder een meter stof je oude console op te graven. 2 een emulator downloaden samen met een ROM van je favo spel en spelen op je pc. 3DGN is helemaal in de emulator stemming en wilde dit met ons delen Recently I've been experiencing a growing disinterest in PC gaming. Maybe it's the fact that every game released feels like other games I've played, or perhaps it's because each new game needs a patch sooner or later (sooner being before the game even hits store shelves, later being after the sequel hits store shelves). The odd thing is, a lot of new games are built on the same principles of the games that I used to play a long time ago. So if yesterday's games were fun then, shouldn't updated versions with better graphics be even more fun now? Once you've picked an emulator of your choice, it's time to start your search for ROMs… since emulators wouldn't be very much fun without them. Everyone knows the Mario Bros. games were fun, and perhaps the SNES installments of the series are still worth playing today… but on the next page you will find a list of ROMs that are worthy of anyone's collection even by today's raised standards. De beste roms, sites en emulators kan je allemaal vinden bij 3D Gaming Net