jon simon van sharky extreme heeft een review van slave zero gebaard:So what is Accolade and Infogrames' Slave Zero? Think of a sixty-foot tall cyborg smashing, bashing, crashing, and shooting its way through everything in sight. Now imagine you're the cyborg. We're not wholly sure why, but there's something about being ten times bigger than everyone else that makes us feel all powerful. We like feeling all-powerful, but do we like Slave Zero? Read on and find out...or we'll smack you with a trout! While Slave Zero is, at its heart, a heavily action-oriented third-person shooter, it does have a plot. You are Chan, a member of a clan of warrior priests, the Guardians. You have been melded with a gigantic stolen cybernetic war machine, Slave Zero. Your mission is to destroy the tyrannical SovKhan and his evil corporate dynasty before he unleashes a legion of ultra-violent slave cyborgs more powerful than even you, or possibly does even nastier things. You'll have to use big guns, bigger guns, and yes, the biggest guns to do it. And don't think for a second that SovKhan is going to make it easy for you, no sir! He's sending thousands of slaves, most of them weaker and smaller than you, to put an end to your insolence.