Meldde ik net al over een Slave Zero interview, hebben ze bij Cdmag snel een review lopen maken terwijl ik even niet oplette. Anyway, ga het hier maar lezen.One other problem reared it's head over the course of the game—at the end of Mission 9, facing the Revenant Prime, Slave Zero destroyed him but was also killed. Instead of having you replay the combat against Revenant Prime, the game moved to the next mission, and made Slave Zero invulnerable. The only way to eliminate this invulnerability and play the game properly was to go back to the quick save and replay the final combat of Mission 9 again. This may have been an obscure quirk (we have not been able to reproduce the problem on other systems). Also, the game lacks crouch or roll maneuvers ala Heavy Gear II. This does not detract from the game play, however, as you can use buildings for cover. You do have to successfully complete one mission before moving on to the next, but unlike Mechwarrior 3 you can quick-save in the middle of a mission, and thus do not have to start from scratch every time you die