Bij 3D Action Planet hebben ze een lekkere discussie over Multiplayer en Singleplayer games. Het probleem is dat ze het gewoon niet eens kunnen worden en dus vragen ze ook de mening van de lezers... Jij dus?

Een voorproefje:The Grape: Bah! You tricky little thing. Undeniably, multiplayer games are more extendable and have more lasting value. However, if you take fun factor and divide it by amount of time playable, then singleplay, I believe, is still more fun per unit of time. After all, the relatively shorter "fun" time is intensely designed and intricately scripted to provide maximum "wow factor".

And do people actually play multiplayer games to socialize? A small minority actually remember who they are playing against, or actually actively participate in the so-called "community". Most players pick up the game, go online, frag, and get off. Their opponents are usually no more than moving targets. Socialize? Hardly.

I am a huge fan of cooperative play, however, but for the same reasons why I love singleplay, NOT why I love multiplay. This is perhaps the best of two worlds -- the drama of singleplay, and the (admittedly) fun experience of playing with someone else. Unfortunately, the games of today are unlikely to focus on cooperative play, and, in a situation like this, I would choose singleplay over multiplay.

Hellchick: So we'll have to agree to disagree, and let the readers decide. In the meantime, I'll be fragging it up in some Quake III Arena. The Grape: Yes, we'll have to agree to our disagreement of agreeing on the disagreeability and agreeability of our favorite gameplay mode. Dear readers, show this Chick from Hell that us singleplay-lovers can also form a community of pride, and write in to show your support of the better game mode! Then, it's back to Deus Ex and Thief2 we go!Dus als je een lekkere discussie wilt zien, of ook je mening wil geven, dan moet je hier naar toe...

Leuk detail:Point/Counterpoint: Single Player vs. Multiplayer

by: Jon the Grape and Hellchick | October 6, 2000

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