Op de Star Wars fansite The Force vinden we een interview met de directeur van LucasArst, Simon Jeffery. Dit interview gaat voor een groot gedeelte over het stoppen met de ontwikkeling van Obi Wan voor de pc. Gelukkig kunnen we ook lezen dat de statement van LucasArts betreffende de pc niet duidelijk was ten opzichte van de buitenwereld en dat men zeker games voor de pc zal blijven ontwikkelen. Sterker nog volgens eigen zegen is de pc op dit moment Simon's favoriete game-medium.TFN: What does the next generation hardware allow you to do that current PC technology doesn't?

SJ: I think there has been some confusion about this point, and in hindsight, wish that we had made the wording a little clearer in our statement. We do not believe that PC technology has been outdated by the next gen consoles. We do however believe that the array of non-standard specifications associated with PC gaming were proving problematic for the game. The game was running beautifully on a 1ghz PC with a Geforce II and 128M RAM. However, it was really struggling with lower spec machines - and that became an issue for us.

TFN: Is there any chance that Obi-Wan will appear on the PC in the future, and are you aware of the Obi-Wan petition to express fan interest in the version?

SJ: It is unlikely that we would do a PC version of Obi, for the reasons I have mentioned. We're well aware of the petition, and are truly sorry that so many people have been frustrated. We're also horrified and shocked at some of the threats we've received. Some of them genuinely do the fan base more harm than good. With fans that post threats of death and violence, who needs enemies?

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