Well Rounded (Ik moet meteen aan een Pamela Anderson site denken) heeft een exclusieve preview van Microsoft's Sigma.

De makers van Sigma, Relic, ken je onder meer van hun spel Homeworld.

Er zijn geen screenshots, maar de preview heeft me wel zeer benieuwd gemaakt naar het spel!

Microsoft announced it would publish Relic's next title at its Gamestock press event in March. That's about all it said, though, declining to discuss the game's features, name or even its genre. Now, the wraps are off. And the gaming world - and the real-time strategy genre, specifically - is about to be turned on its ear. The mysterious title is named Sigma - and you won't see it until at least the end of 2001 - but the gameplay we've seen portends a game that shows enormous creativity and a tremendous potential for fun. Alex Garden, Relic's CEO, and Quinn Duffy, the game's lead designer, walked WRE through their new title in a closed-door session at this year's E3 Expo. The idea, says Garden, is to correct the mistakes the company made in Homeworld, while pushing the envelope further than it's been pushed before. "We really wanted to create a sense of emotional attachment to the game," he saysLees de complete preview hier.