Dat Tactical Shooters een populair genre is weet onderhand iedereen. Titels als Rainbow Six en SWAT3 en niet te vergeten Mods zoals CS hebben aan deze populariteit bijgedragen. Shrapnel: Urban Warfare 2025 is ook een Tactical Shooter, het speelt zich alleen in de toekomst af en zal traditionele en Tactical Shooter elementen in zich verenigen.Based on never-before-seen light infantry strategy,

Shrapnel: Urban Warfare 2025 In Shrapnel: Urban Warfare

2025, players are equipped with hi-tech weaponry and put

to the test in the Armed Forces' renowned "Land Warrior" regiment. Set in the near future, the game

features strategic elements coupled with the tactical

aspects of actual military campaigns.

GA-Source sits down with Executive Producer and

Designer John Williamson to find out more about this

LithTech powered shooter.

How different will Shrapnel: Urban Warfare 2025 be

from the previous incarnations of SpecOps games?

It is set in the future and will be faster paced. There will also be vehicles that you can ride in.

How much of the original game is incorporated in this latest version?

To be very blunt, not very much. This is a faster paced, more traditional first person shooter, not a hyper realistic military sim.

The game's art direction is being done by Dan Norton of Wildstorm Comics, best known for the Black Ops books. This will give us a futuristic but unique look.

We will be doing Spec Ops 3: Navy Seals next year, that title will incorporate all the lesssons we have learned from the Spec Ops series.

Tell us more about the lastest engine on which Shrapnel: Urban Warfare 2025 is based.

We have switched to the LithTech engine. That gives a great deal of built in technology so we can focus on art and game play rather than just drawing polys. It is the same engine being used by Kiss Psycho Circus, No One Lives for Ever, and many other games. Space Ops