Shogun, alleen de naam al boezemt angst in . Velden vol met sushi-etende Samoerai's die geen genade kennen . Oke de game gaat iets dieper dan dit, en die diepte werd onderzocht door CGO. Conclusie, erg lekker...Melding real-time and turn-based strategy gameplay isn't new; the Jagged Alliance and X-Com games did it long ago, and did it well. But doing so in a historical setting, and with a more even balance between strategy and tactics, is something that no one has really been able to pull off. Until now. Despite a few flaws, Shogun delivers what it promises. It's a good if somewhat cluttered turn-based strategy game, and an entertaining and polished real-time wargame. It's good looking, too, and it's relatively stable to boot. As a bad Japanese poet might write:

Ready for battle ? Shogun Total War zou het antwoord kunnen zijn