De makers van Shadows of Reality hebben hun eigen website met wat meer info over hun nieuwe spel geupdate.Shadows of Reality is a truly next-generation project that intends to shatter what you thought you knew about computer games. It will break down everyone's assumptions of what a gaming experience should be, and of what a role-playing experience should be.

At the core, Shadows of Reality (SoR) is a 3D computer role-playing game set in a near future cyberpunk world. In this future, all of the power rests in the hands of the mega-corporations, gigantic business empires whose reach extends past that of political governments and even religious institutions. But even as large as these titans are they can never satisfy their thirst for more: more power, more money, more of everything. From the safety of their fortresses and star-scrapers these mega-corps battle for domination of the planet underneath the cover of conspiracy and shadows. Meer info staat hier Screenshots kan je hier vinden.