Toen ik ging kijken op een van mijn favoriete games sites kwam ik een preview tegen van Shadow Watch:Turn-based squad-level strategy gameplay has gone by the wayside as much as 2D graphics have recently. Granted, Jagged Alliance 2 was released several short months ago, but it wasn't a big hit by today's standards, although it was one of the best sellers TalonSoft has ever had. However, these games are very fun and are a breath of fresh air amidst the real-time games of today. Shadow Watch attempts to take us back to those days when we had to mull over our moves and wait our turn for the gun shooting to begin. The first thing that will spring to mind when you see Shadow Watch is that it looks like a comic book. In fact, it was the intention of the design team from the start to make the game feel like a comic book, in the way they designed the characters, environments, and mission setups. It works so well that you expect word balloons to come out of the characters when they talk, rather than hearing their voices. The art design is being led by Richard Case, who has worked as a penciller and inker for Doom Patrol, Sandman, and Sensational Spiderman.

De hele preview vind je hier.