America's Army is een van de meer populaire games op het moment. De impact van America's Army valt echter best mee. Sommige gamers en ontwikkelaars dachten namelijk dat het gratis spel van het Amerikaanse leger andere spellen zou wegdrukken. Nu wordt AA veel gespeeld, maar is er ook nog voldoende plek voor andere games. Een mooi punt van America's Army zijn de nieuwe toevoegingen die om de zoveel tijd verschijnen. Zo zal er binnenkort een nieuwe map verschijnen met de naam "River Basin". Op de screenshots zie je tevens de nieuwe verrekijker.AAFiles:What projects are you working on for future patches? Abraxas:Obviously, we spend a great deal of time listening to the community and making adjustments to the game based on any feedback that we agree with. This will continue as a matter of course. Beyond that, we are also looking at creating a brand new user interface for the game (although this won't come until after the code drop from Epic, so that we can take advantage of the new interface code that they put in). Our desire is for a much more professional menu system that is both better looking and more intuitive. On top of that, we need to adjust the interface so that it is more scaleable and can expand as the game grows. Another element that we are planning for the future is the addition of Combat Life Savers (medics) to the game. As we continue development, we will begin making changes to the damage model to prepare the way for this character class. This addition to the game will be fairly large, so we will be spending some time to get it just right. Don't expect to see it for some time. Of course, there are many more additions that we are considering at the moment, but we'll reveal those at a more prudent time. De overige negen screenshots laten nog meer lekkers zien van het River Basin. Wanneer de nieuwe map zal verschijnen is nog niet bekend gemaakt.