Street Racing Syndicate is een racetitel van 3DO, die zal verschijnen op Playstation 2, Xbox en GameCube. IGN wist de eerste GameCube screenshots voor ons te bemachtigen en zette ze online.So far the game is at that typical stage in development where it looks pretty damn good--with lighting and cityscapes all in place--sans refined gameplay. 3DO seems to be really pushing the envelope when it comes to making the environments look like the real deal, but remain interesting enough to play through. Wait until you get a gander at the real time in-game car reflections. We're not usually susceptible to marketing and its claims, but give us a backhand to the face if you don't agree the reflection mapping in SRS is some of the best we've seen in ANY game. Ze zijn al met al erg te spreken over de graphics, maar over de gameplay weten ze helaas nog niets te zeggen. Voor de overige screenshots kan je terecht bij IGN.