Blue wist te melden dat Shiny een interview had gegeven aan ZDNET. Uiteraard zijn er ook weer wat nieuwe shots te bezichtigen.

Er is ook een interview met Rod Fung, hij is de producer van de SWAT3 en ook van Battle Plan.Sacrifice: On the simplest level, your goal is to go from being a lowly wizard with just one creature spell and one magic spell, and through sacrificing to your god and doing missions for your god and by killing the minions and wizards of you're the enemy gods you gain experience and ultimately try to become the champion wizard of one of the gods. So you would work your way up from, say, Jame's grunt melee units up to his champion creatures and champion spell which can cut a huge hole through the ground. All the while working through one of the cool aspects of the game, the very non-linear mission progression.

SWAT3: The new levels are great…probably the best that we've done to date. They include a high risk arrest warrant at a private residence in the Hollywood Hills, a hostage rescue mission at the City of Angels Hospital, a rapid deployment at a commuter airport, a hostage rescue at a Los Angeles recording studio, VIP detail that goes amuck at Chang's Chinese Theater, and my favorite, a rapid deployment at the LA metro subway. The tactics necessary to resolve these missions are no different than earlier missions from SWAT 3. You will need to adjust your tactics to the situation, but don't let the environment dictate your tactics. Sacrifice interview SWAT3 interview