Eerst ging Sacrifice gold, toen kwam de demo en nu heeft Strategy Planet alle songs (op 2 na dan) uit Sacrifice online gezet, inclusief de soundtrack. Gamespy is very fortunate in being able to present you with 16 tracks from the Sacrifice score. Please remember that these files are probably lawyers deep in copyright so don't claim that you created them. As they were send to Fileplanet by Shiny I see no reason why you shouldn't download and listen to them as much as you like without infringement of copyright so get downloading. The music is missing 2 tracks available to people with a copy of Sacrifice so you don't get everything for free.

Ik heb even mijn zakjapanner erbij gepakt en heb afgelezen dat er 33,3 MB te downloaden valt, wat garant staat voor ongeveer 31 minuten luisterplezier.

Give me some music