Bij hebben ze als onderdeel van een prijsvraag 5 filmpjes online gezet met de goden die het spel rijk zal worden.

Five gods are waiting to grant you the power to take over the world...are you ready? These informational videos will allow you to pick the god of your choice with minimal fuss--no more horrible blind dates. By taking a look at these videos you can pick your favorite diety without having to worry about the awkward embarrassment of finding yourself with a god that you don't really find appealing. It's that easy.

Wil je mee doen aan de prijsvraag, om een Alienware P800 met Geforce 2 GTS te winnen? Beantwoord dan de volgende vraag.Once you have chosen which God you will follow write Shiny your best Sacrificial ritual to your God. How would you Sacrifice your computer to your God? Set it on fire? Bury it? Drop it out of an airplane? Shiny will then choose five winners (One for each God) to conduct their computer sacrifice. Deze pc kan je dus winnen: