Er is een film van Rune uitgebracht door Humanhead van maar liefst 29 MB featuring de gameplay.

Dit is wat Brian wilson(van Humanhead) er over te melden heeft: Rune is a 3D third-person game utilizing a modified version of the Unreal Engine. In the game you play a young viking named Ragnar. This is an early pre-alpha look at the gameplay in Rune showing off some of the creatures and characters from the game and some of the levels. All of the footage is taken straight from the game with a player in single player mode as well as some ai on ai combat. We're about 75% complete at this point, so the final game will be much more polished than the footage seen here. Some of the footage is slowed down a little to show off the animation in super cool slow motion.Je kan kiezen uit 2 smaken:

niet gezipt(29.7MB) wel gezipt(28MB)