Van het door de UT engine gepowerde spel Rune, wat pas gold is gegaan, is een 86.5 Mb wegende demo verschenen. Er is verder weinig over de demo bekend, dus hier een stuk over het spel zelf.Rune is a third person action, combat, and adventure game with strong themes from Norse mythology. You play a young viking trying to uncover the mysteries surrounding recent attacks on Viking villiages. The game uses melee combat with a huge variety of weapons, as well as giving you a chance to fully appreciate and explore the complex world. Minimum System Requirements:

AMD K6-2/3 or Intel Pentium II/Celeron 300Mhz or higher, 64MB RAM, Direct X Compatible Video Card with at least 8MB of Video Memory. 88MB Free Hard Drive Space

Video Modes Supported: Direct 3D, Glide, OpenGL, MeTal, Software (Note that only OpenGL, Glide and Software Rendering supported on Windows NT)

Multiplayer Support:

Internet and LAN

De downloadlinks kan je op Fileplanet vinden.