Na een hele serie 2000 games van EA Sports, is hier nu een 5 pagina's tellende preview van Rugby 2000 Rugby is surely the most difficult of sports to simulate, and the feeling I got from the development team was that they had opened a can of worms when the project was started. West Sussex-based Creative Assembly has already developed several sports games for Electronic Arts, including its cricket series, a successful Australian Football title and, several years ago, a rugby league game called International Rugby League. Lessons learned with Aussie Rules form the basis for Rugby 2000, but the game engine is a completely new product and it's hoped that Rugby will be just the first of a series that will use its high-res motion-capture enhanced technology. The amount of obstacles in creating a rugby game are daunting. Passing the ball by hand, punting, drop-kicking, place-kicking, tackling, lineouts, rucks, mauls and scrums are all just basic play requirements that need to be dealt with. Add to this a complex set of rules on knock-ons and offsides that give rise to scrums and penalties and you're asking for headaches. And as for simulating the motion of that bloody ball when it goes to ground... don't even try to think about it or you'll need a stiff drink. Voor de rest van de preview fiets je ff hierheen