Amar wees mij op de site Rogue Spear Retreat. Hier hebben ze een teller neergezet tot de release van de add-on Rogue Spear: Urban Operations. En daar staat nog 23 en een half uur te gaan op dit moment. Morgen 16:00 uur dus. Ook staat er een interview met Travis Getz, een developer.When you set out to make this mission pack, what were the goals you wanted to accomplish? I wanted some very well-polished levels, good level design and some excellent multiplayer levels. Above all else, I wanted the game to look great. I think we achieved this. What's your favorite feature in Urban Ops? What aspect of the game are you most happy with? Those shells ejecting are my favorite "tweak" feature. The polished state of the final levels is my favorite aspect of the game overall. I feel that each aspect of the game reached an excellent level of completion.