Stomped vervolgd haar interview serie en dit maal laten ze Roman Ribaric van CroTeam eens flink z'n tanden in hun vragen zetten.

Ander goed nieuws (of slecht, het is maar hoe je het bekijkt) is, is dat morgen de 2e demo van CroTeam's shooter Serious Sam online gesmeten wordt. In deze demo zal ook de coöperative mode aanwezig zijn, één van Roman's favoriete features.Stomped: What trend in gaming gave you the most pause in the year 2000 and why?

Ribaric: I actually paused twice this year. Firstly, and this is nothing new, but all those aquisitions with publishers buying one another, it's really weird. The only two visible effects are that some great games in development are cancelled and someone is getting richer. It looks like they are buying each other primarily to get the licenses, trademarks and patents. You have to wonder what happens to developers afterwards. This is when my first short pause comes in. My second pause was after I heard from Alen Ladavac, our 3d guru, what kind of problems you would experience if you want to develop MMO (Massive Multiplay Online) games. The problem was that we received lots of emails asking for Serious Engine support for MMO. So, I am still pausing here.

Stomped: What can we expect from you in the year 2001 in terms of the games you are developing?

Ribaric: Next year we should finish Serious Sam and it would hopefully be on the worldwide markets on March 2001. We'll certainly go with Serious Sam 2 development next year. By that time we plan to release the tools and offer 'Serious Engine', our 3d engine for licensing to the third parties. Finally, and this you can probably hear from most CEOs (please, don't take this too serious ;) ), Croteam will go public and you'll get a chance to buy our shares cheap.Breng een bezoekje aan Stomped voor het volledige interview.