Op GA-Source hebben ze wat screenshots te pakken weten te krijgen voor Rollcage Stage 2, de opvolger van Rollcage. Hier wat info en 4 van de screenshots:Rollcage Stage II expands exponentially on what went before. We have included so many different game modes that it will take you months to complete it. Also, as I mentioned before, we've gone to great lengths to rectify any criticisms the original received. Some people felt that Rollcage was quite difficult for beginners to pick up. This was mainly due to the disorientation caused after crashing. So, we have implemented the 'Stack-O-Cam,' which is an intelligent camera that realizes you are about to crash, and points slightly forward down the path of the track. This then allows for you to get the car in the right direction to begin racing again, resulting in reduced frustration for the player. Bekijk de rest hier Overigens is de release datum maart, volgens de Q&A