Het is bijna zover. RocketArena 3 zal vanavond worden uitgebracht! Zoals je al in de diverse nieuwpostings hebt kunnen lezen. Bij Gamespy was dit toch wel een goede reden om eens te gaan praten met David "crt" Wright, een programmeur van RocketArena 3.

GameSpy: This release was a long time coming and no public betas were available. Why did you choose to have such a long "internal" testing schedule instead of giving the mod's fans a taste earlier?

crt: One of the problems with having a highly-anticipated mod is that everyone wants to play it the second its released. I knew that once the first public release came out it was going to get a lot of attention and I didn't want that to happen until I was sure it was solid and looked good. The early release of RA:UT convinced me that this was the right strategy to pursue. Furthermore, with the size of Quake 3 maps I knew the community wouldn't be very happy if I made them download 50-60mb of the same maps several times during the beta. Instead I wanted to concentrate on testing with a focused group of clans and getting it right the first time Lees hier het hele inteview. De soundtrack is overigens al uitgebracht en op de homepage van RockArena staat een lijst met mirrors.