Nadat Rocket Arena 1.40 voor Unreal Tournament was uitgekomen bleken er wat irritante bugs in te zitten.

Deze behoren met de 1.42 versie tot een verleden te horen.Mutator Support

The "F2" Server Info Listing now works correctly in netplay

The key bindings (under Preferences->Controls, at the bottom of the list) now work correctly as well

There is a global talk key available.

Clan matches have been fixed to keep people from messing up the game.

You cannot fire before the round starts (was a quirk in the way UT handled the firing code)

Many other small cosmetic enhancements and bug fixes, all of which can be found on the Issues Page.RocketArena: UT 1.42 Full (14.8 MB) RocketArena: UT 1.42 Full, no umod (14.8 MB) RocketArena: UT 1.42 Patch from 1.40 (180 KB) RocketArena: UT 1.42 Patch from 1.40, no umod (180 KB)