Road Wars wordt een 3D action sci-fi-racing-shooter. Ze verzinnen het tegenwoordig wel. Het wordt een 'Mario Kart' kloon (als je daar nog van mag spreken), met het verschil dat er geld te verdienen valt om je wagens te upgraden (wat wel ook al vaker gezien hebben).Road Wars promises to be different from other games of this genre due to the fact that players can choose to play one of twelve characters. Each character drives his or her own unique car. Not only do the cars have different characteristics, but the characters do as well. You see, certain characters will receive special treatment in the game, depending on their occupation. One such character is a mechanic who receives discounts when repairing and buying items in the garage. Other characters are ill tempered and will hold grudges and seek you out specifically if you mess with them during a race. The single biggest difference that Road Wars has from other racing titles is that each race has repercussions on your character and vehicle. If your car gets severely damaged during a race, you will have to pay to fix it for the next race.Dit zouden dus de verschillen zijn maar is ook niet erg nieuw moet ik zeggen. Maar goed, eerst zien, dan oordelen.