Er is een nieuwe versie uit van RivaTuner. Vroeger was Powerstrip het proggie om je videokaart mee te tweaken, maar nieuwe tijden zijn aangebroken. En verder .... Ach, Lees zelf ook maar RivaTuner is a powerful tweaking utility for NVidia cards. All series of Detonator drivers have a lot of undocumented registry keys. Some of them don't affect anything, but some are very useful. In general they can't improve 3D performance but they can improve image quality and solve some compatibility problems. I've discovered a lot of undocumented Detonator settings. RivaTuner will help you to change them. Some months ago I was TNT2 owner and first of all beta version of RivaTuner is intended for TNT / TNT2 owners. All new series of Detonators are optimized for GeForce / GeForce 2 and works slower with previous chips like TNT2. TNT / TNT2 works best with old Detonator 2.08. RivaTuner discovers undocumented features of this driver. RivaTuner also contains easy customizable tool for registry editing which can be used by GeForce / GeForce 2 owners. Kortom: Heb je een GeForce of GeForce 2 dan moet je dit progje even downloaden.