Zoals je laatst kon lezen in onze eigen preview was Erik erg te spreken over deze komende RTS hit. De vraag blijft echter hoe het concept van een RTS gemixed met turn-based strategy zal uitwerken. Volgens Brian Reynolds van Big Huge Games zal RoN zowel RTS, als strategy fans aanspreken. Door het mixen van de genres voelt het spel anders aan dan andere games, en originaliteit is zeker in het RTS genre meer dan welkom.Rise of Nations is reasonably in-depth. Do you not think that some "classic RTS" gamers will just find it too heavy-going? Reynolds: Well, first of all you can approach the game at whatever level you want to. I think for someone who has played an RTS... they'll have no problem playing this game. We've tried to cut down on the amount of micro-management actually, so there's not quite as much having to go in and deal with every individual person if you don't want to. Early on in the game you want to decide who is working where, but later on you kind of wish the computer would just do that. And it does, so that gives you more time to think about other things. Reynolds is, begrijpelijk, erg positief over Rise of Nations en zegt dan ook bij dit spel het beste gevoel te hebben sinds Civilization II. Rise of Nations zou 2 mei in de winkels moeten liggen.