Verlieten Stevie Case en Joby Otero onlangs nog respectievelijk Ion Storm en Shiny Entertainment, nu bereikte ons het bericht dat Rick Gush na 8 jaar zijn biezen pakt bij Westwood. Trecision is de gelukkige nieuwe werkgever van Rick.According to a press release issued today by Trecision, he will be leading the design and production teams for a number of titles on multiple formats, including PC and next-generation consoles, as well as an innovative online project scheduled to debut in 2002. Massimiliano Sacchi, Marketing Director at Trecision: "Having Rick here at Trecision means a lot to our company: he's a very talented individual and a visionary, an outstanding designer with a stunning track-record and an absolute will to create here in Italy hit-titles even more successful than those he made with Westwood. We are absolutely confident his skills and expertise will help Trecision reach the goals our company has set."

Rick Gush was designer voor onder andere: The Legend Of Kyrandia, de Lands Of Lore series en klassieker Dune II: Battle for Arrakis. Hopelijk gaan we dus nog veel van deze man zien. Westwood kennende zouden ze het verlies van deze brok aan ervaring moeten kunnen opvangen..