Bij playnow hebben ze een preview in elkaar gezet van de nieuwe Wolfenstein. Ik kijk erg uit naar dir spel, maar het ziet er naar uit dat de release nog wel 'even' op zich laat wachten. De mensen die toch even wat info over deze game willen opsnuiven kunnen hier terechtWhat made Return to Castle Wolfenstein stand out head and shoulders above every other 3D shooter on show at E3 this year, was the absolutely stunning level of detail shown in so many different areas of the game. Not only were the level textures created from digital photographs taken from the walls, floors, and ceilings of authentic European castles but the uniforms of the German troops are so accurately reproduced that it was like watching an old news reel from 1940. From the rank insignias on the collars down to the authentic camouflage patterns and leather webbing, the Nazi troops looked so historically accurate it was uncanny. I If blasting soldiers and the un-dead is not enough to whet your appetite, there is even talk of a full-sized panzer tank being included in the final game. Lees hem hier