Een game waar veel gamers naar uitkijken is toch wel de sequel van Wolfenstein 3D, Return to Castle Wolfenstein. De game wordt door drie softwarehuizen ontwikkeld: Activision, id and Gray Matter Studios. Tijdens de QuakeCon had Stomped de eer om met Mike Denny van Gray Matter Studios te praten.Stomped: What about multiplayer? What's planned for the game in that area?

Denny: As of right now there is still some discussion about it, but the plan now is to just include deathmatch and CTF so far.

Stomped: Finally, when can we expect Wolfenstein to be in stores?

Denny: This is one of the best questions right now. There are a lot of people wondering about this. There is no release date as of right now. It's probably going to be next year sometime.

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