Bij pc.ign hebben ze een interview gescoord met Grey Matter Studio's Drew Markham. Er wordt uiteraard gesproken over de opvolger van Wolfenstein 3-D die gebruik maakt van de geprezen Quake 3 Arena Engine.IGNPC: How closely are you sticking to the original Wolfenstein with this game? Would you consider it a remake or a sequel?

Drew Markham: Even though Wolf really started the whole FPS genre, things have evolved quite a bit since the release of the original. One of the things that we talked about early on was trying to re-capture the feeling that we had when playing the original game. A lot of people, myself included, remember playing Wolf and imagining that a lot more was going on than actually was. What we're trying to do now is to incorporate a lot of those things that we perceived as real in the original and make them a reality in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. That said, I still think that we will have some nice fertile ground that will continue to fuel the player's imagination.

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